Celebration of Chand Raat Eid Festival 2015

Free Event Invitation

The President & the Executive Committee PAWA Inc. feels great pleasure to invite you to join us and
celebrate Chand Raat in the company of your family & friends along with other community members
at Perth.

The major role of this event is to bring members of the Islamic & non-Islamic community together and
to promote harmony, peace and understanding amongst people from various ethnic communities in

PAWA is being represented by its own stall at the event. Our honorary staff shall welcome you all.

Venue: Kingsway Indoor Stadium, Madeley WA

Time: 5pm till late.

Parking: Free & plenty

Dress: Colourful & representing your culture

Drinks: Soft beverages only – No alcoholic drinks allowed or served

More Information: Mr. Sarwat Hassan Phone: 1300 786 124 or Mobile: 0412 292 320

With Compliments of The Executive Committee

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