PAWA Inc – Press Release

The Association is very thankful to all the members of our local community who devoted their precious time today to attend the funeral of Paris Rafique at the Turkish Mosque at Perth. It was heard that some members of public raised their concerns that Pakistan High Commission in Australia did not provide any moral or financial support in making arrangements of transporting the deceased back to Pakistan.

There was also some criticism heard linking our Association to be a representative or recipient of funding from Pakistan High Commission in Australia for providing assistance in these kind of happenings in Western Australia.

The Association likes to clear these doubts by affirming that it is a private organisation solely created under the Australian chapter to serve the social & cultural activities of its members. The financial structure of this Association is derived from the membership fees & donations and is not funded by Government of Pakistan. Despite if its limited financial resources, the executive committee have managed to achieve various milestones in the benefit of its members and the community. Whereas the Association shall remain committed to meet its moral obligations within the boundary of its constitution, it should not be taken as granted that the Association has official designation to meet such public demands.

The Executive Committee,
A. Jamil,
Mob: 0413 483 819

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